Quality Control

Quality assurance brings economic advantage to manufacturing companies and at the same time contributes to their competitiveness

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NextGen Framework
Visual Inspection

When and where is Visual Inspection needed ?

While Visual inspection is used in manufacturing for quality or defect assessment, in non-production environments, it can be used to determine whether the features indicative of a “target” are present and prevent potential negative impacts.

Deep Learning

Machine Vision and Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence is turning out to be a game changer, with countless applications in nearly every domain. It is now making its way into the area of Production and Manufacturing, allowing it to harness the power of deep learning and in doing so, providing automation that is faster, cheaper and more superior.

NextGen Framework
NextGen Framework
Inspection Requires

A new age alternative

Among the many industries where visual inspection is required, there are several where visual inspection is considered to be of very high consequence and is high priority activity due to the potentially high cost of any errors that may arise via inspection such as injury, fatality, loss of expensive equipment, scrapped items, rework, or a loss of customers.

Run autonomously on-premises

Manufacturers can run inspection models at the network edge or on-premises. The inspection can run either in Cloud or fully autonomous on your factory shop floor.

Short time-to-value

Customers can deploy in weeks, not the months typical of traditional machine learning (ML) solutions. Built for process and quality engineers, no computer vision or ML experience required. An interactive user interface guides users through all the steps.

Goes beyond anomaly detection

Unlike competing solutions that use simple anomaly detection, Visual Inspection AI’s deep learning allows customers to train models that detect, classify, and precisely locate multiple defect types in a single image.

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